You’ve got your inner child primed and ready to pull an April Fool’s prank, and we’ve got some easy tricks for you. If you’re looking for pranks that you can pull off effortlessly, here are some ideas and how-tos for the whole family.

Balloon Room

To prank an unsuspecting passerby, prepare a cluster of balloons that will look like it’s about to explode from the window. To do this, make a hole in a sheet of plywood. Make sure this board is large enough and positioned so that when it is attached to the inside of a windowed door, it will cover up most of the door. Using a hot glue gun, attach the board to the inside of the windowed door. When you are finished, fill it with helium-filled balloons through the open edge of the board.

Remote controlled

We all know someone who has a bit of a problem relinquishing control of the TV remote (you probably do, too, right?). So, why not put some fun back into TV watching with this prank. In this trick, you’ll cover the sensor on the remote control with a tiny sticker or piece of tape. No matter how hard they try, your friends won’t be able to change the TV channels.

Terrifying silhouettes

Pretend you’re in the jungles of South America with this fun prank. Simply place a paper cutout of a snake inside a lampshade, and switch the lamp on for good results. The shadowy snakes will appear to be slithering inside the shade, and your victim will be none the wiser until they check it out themselves. To add an extra element of fun (and creepiness), tape a stuffed tarantula to the shade, too!

Confetti fan

Delight family members, neighbors, and friends with this prank. Create a festive April Fools’ surprise when someone turns on the ceiling fan—literally! When the fan starts spinning, confetti that you would have placed on the blades gets tossed in beautiful, colorful drifts all over the room. It’s a fun way to turn an ordinary day into a laughing riot.

Car Caper

This prank is perfect if you know someone who has a lot of trouble with road rage or just doesn’t like to be honked at. Place a sign inside your prank target’s car that reads “honk and smile.” The sign should be hidden from view and not interfere with the driver’s vision. They will wonder why they are being honked at nonstop by drivers who seem friendly instead of annoyed.