If you live in America, there’s probably a restaurant near you that has a reputation for making a damn fine burger. And while McDonald’s and other mainstream places are safe choices, many classic eateries have stood the test of time. Here’s a list of places that serve cheeseburgers with crunch-crisp perfection. 

Callaghan’s Irish Social Club

Since the 1940s, Callaghan’s Irish Social Club has thrived as a neighborhood gathering place for good food, live music, and socializing. The restaurant’s most popular dish is its bacon cheeseburger, which features Angus beef that is hand-smushed but not smashed, cooked up on a vintage flat-top grill, and topped with quality veggies. The restaurant offers a fresh tomato, cucumber, and onion salad to balance the meal in place of French fries.

Zuni Cafe

Opened in 1979 in San Francisco, the cafe is famous for serving simple dishes, such as Caesar salad, roast chicken, and omelets. The burger at Zuni Cafe is a classic. It is made using grass-fed chuck ground in tiny batches, chargrilled to perfection, and served on toasted focaccia bread with aioli and pickled onions.

El Mago de las Fritas

When traveling to Miami, it is safe to say that the best beef and pork dishes can be found in Cuban-influenced neighborhoods. However, a dish known as the Frita, which translates to “the Cuban burger,” is unique to the city. Ortelio Cardenas opened El Mago de las Fritas, or The Frita Magician. The Frita comes with a large portion of onions and potato matchsticks on top of a Cuban roll.

The Daley

Finding a smashburger on a pliable potato roll is not difficult anywhere. However, at The Daley, a modern little gem in Honolulu’s historic Chinatown, the object of considerable affection is a very Hawaiian thing indeed—a grass-fed beef burger served on a potato bun. For flavor, onions are added, and the burger is served on a potato bun that’s baked at the iconic La Tour. As amazing as The Daley’s burgers are, it’s not the spot for you if you’re looking for teriyaki burgers.

Club Paris

If you’re looking for martinis and steaks in a cozy setting in Anchorage, we recommend stepping into Club Paris. One of the top classic haunts for decades, Club Paris has the best lunch specials and sumptuous dinners. One of their top dishes is the Paris Special burger, which is made with 8 oz. of ground tenderloin that’s perfectly broiled and served on a French roll, with plenty of au jus on the side.