It’s no secret that Android is ever-evolving as an operating system. But it’s not enough to just upgrade your operating system! To get the best Android experience, you need to have the right apps. Take a look at the best Android apps out there.


Weather provides a simple way to view weather updates, the forecast for up to 12 weeks, and other fun stats. The UI is logical, and it’s pretty easy to navigate to your desired location. You’ll get widgets that are fairly easy to customize, along with special features like severe weather notifications. 

Google Drive

As a cloud storage platform, Google Drive allows you to create and manage documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google Drive and the various Google apps, such as Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Google Sheets, Slides, Photos, and Keep, make it easy for you to work on projects on your phone or tablet. You get 15GB of free storage space upon signing up, and you can buy more if you need it.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an essential app for Android and one of the best apps in the Google Play store. It’s packed with features and has an enormous amount of information on places. It also offers directions to things like gas stations, rest stops, hospitals, and more. And if you want to use it offline, you can download maps for free.


LastPass is one of those Android apps that a lot of people need. It lets you securely store your login credentials, so you don’t have to remember all of them. And it can help you create nearly impossible passwords for accounts that need a more secure lock. It’s also available on computers and tablets, and it’s free. Additionally, LastPass offers a premium option at a reasonable price and two-factor authentication via LastPass Authenticator.


While it’s not as popular as several other to-do list apps, TickTick is the best option for Android phones. It covers all the basics like recurring reminders and tasks, offers push notifications, and has various organizational features. You can also share tasks with other people using the app. This makes it an excellent choice for small teams, families, and other such groups. 


Textra is one of the most stable texting apps for Android phones. It has a range of themes, several of which can be edited. It does pretty much everything an SMS app should do without any hassle. The best part about Textra is its simplicity, and it even has a built-in tutorial that makes it work great with Android.