Given the made-for-TV, tumultuous nature of the last presidency, Americans largely expected Joe Biden to lower the political temperature and heal a divided nation. But Biden’s first 100 days in office have proved us all wrong. He isn’t going to be a transitional, centrist, middle-of-the-road president. He’s decisive and he has big, ambitious ideas. Here are four things we all got wrong about Joe Biden

His $1.9 trillion stimulus package has legs to stand on

This plan didn’t just put cash in the hands of Americans. It also extends child tax credits and gives poor families a chance to receive incredible benefits that will significantly help young people out of poverty. It’s a bold, ambitious piece of social policy that will have long-term, far-reaching effects.

 His plans for rebuilding America’s infrastructure are visionary

The scale of this project goes beyond just strengthening roads and bridges. It focuses on digital access, job creation, racial equality, and new, cleaner energy sources. Biden is making it clear that what his detractors see as big government spending is a strategic investment into America.

His decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was appreciated

This was on both Trump’s and Obama’s agenda, but Biden made it happen. Though critics are doubtful about what new security threats this might pose for America, most Americans are relieved that American soldiers will be coming home. It also signals to the world that Biden will conduct diplomacy as he sees fit.

His silence speaks louder than words and tweets

Again, this is a change from the last President who would infamously tweet incendiary messages at odd hours, insult reporters and get into verbal spats at press conferences. Joe Biden has kept a low profile while at the White House, letting his press secretary do the heavy lifting at Press conferences.