If you’re one among the 100 million fully vaccinated US adults, you’re lucky. The CDC has given the nod to socializing outdoors without a mask and with a small group of vaccinated friends. But many Americans are still wondering how close we are to pre-pandemic life. Here’s what we know.

Travel: Covid-19 messaging about travel varies at the state, local and federal level. The Transportation Security Administration advises that adults continue to wear masks at airports and on flights, trains, and buses, at least until September 13. However, governors from most states have relaxed mask-wearing mandates.

Crowded places: If you’re wondering how soon you can attend a public concert, sporting event, or take your kids to Disneyland, you’re not alone. Local businesses and restaurants have slowly been reopening and Disneyland in California opened last year at a limited capacity. However, pre-pandemic status can only be achieved when more people are vaccinated. There has been some strong resistance to the vaccine, especially from Republican voters. A CNN poll showed that 44 percent of Republicans are not going to get vaccinated.

Your daily commute and pre-pandemic routine: Commutes, gyms, attending your church, and dining indoors were what most Americans missed during last year. How soon will you be able to do these activities? Scientifically, Americans will achieve herd immunity only when 85 percent of the population has either been vaccinated or is protected by antibodies from natural infection. This means that the government will have to keep up the pace of vaccinations. More importantly, the messaging about the importance of getting vaccinated has to be consistent and accurate. To that end, White House secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that the Biden administration was planning to invest $3 billion in campaigns that will urge all Americans to get vaccinated. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has committed to plans to fully reopen the city by July 1.