When people think of an infestation, they usually assume it’s caused by insects or rodents. But a lesser-known yet equally dangerous pest is the bat. In fact, bats can fly into your home almost undetected, and, unfortunately, they can be a health liability. Most times, bat infestations are not hard to detect – after all, you can’t ignore a bat when you spot it flying in your attic or elsewhere on your property. But how do you know bats are the culprit if you can’t see them? Here are a few signs to look out for. 

Bat colonies flying at dawn and dusk

Bats usually fly in or out of their roosts before dawn and after dusk. If you spot groups of bats flying near your property around these hours every day, it could mean you have a roost nearby. The number of bats that are present in the roost will vary based on how much food is usually available in your area.