Late on Monday (November 8) night, former President Donald Trump asked Judge Tanya Chutkan of the DC District Court to stop his presidential records about the Capitol insurrection from being handed over to the House select committee. But the judge ruled that she wouldn’t allow Trump to get ahead of her decision, which was expected the following day. 

She issued her full decision on the evening of November 9, allowing the US House to access the presidential records about the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Chutkan also rejected all of the former President’s legal arguments. 

Experts believe that Trump’s request for an immediate injunction was his attempt to get ahead of the federal judge’s ruling before it could happen. After denying the ex-President’s request, Judge Chutkan called his filing “premature.” She also stated that she intended to rule “expeditiously” on his case. 

When Chutkan’s ruling came a full 20 hours later, Trump was quick to indicate that he would be appealing the ruling. The federal judge said the former President could return to her to obtain a court order blocking the US House from accessing the records. 

Trump’s legal team asked Chutkan to stop the National Archives from passing his records to the US House last month. Trump’s recent request came just days after Chutkan expressed skepticism about Trump winning the case. In his filing, Trump said he would appeal any loss. 

On Monday night, Trump’s lawyers wrote, “This case should be decided after thorough but expeditious consideration pursuant to America’s judicial review process, both before this Court and on appeal, not by a race against the clock. Afterall, this is not a game, especially given the weighty questions at issue.”

The National Archives stated it would pass over the records to the US House unless a court order which prevents this from happening is issued.