Fatal animal attacks are rare, but instead of being blissfully unaware of what is lurking out there, it can help to be prepared. If you live in any of these states, it may be wise to stay on guard.


In Alabama, the most likely cause of animal-related death is a dog attack, according to a recent report from the CDC. While it can be difficult to believe that a family pet could cause a tragedy, fatal dog bites in Alabama are not unheard of.


Since the state is so dominated by wildlife, people in Alaska are subject to many types of animal attacks. However, the most dominant predator is the moose. After all, an animal that weighs more than a thousand pounds is bound to cause some damage when it collides with you or your vehicle.


Despite their reputation, Arizona’s venomous snakes are nowhere near as dangerous as the dogs in the state. The CDC states that 26 people have died from dog attacks in Arizona since 1999.


The CDC states that the most common animal-related deaths caused by “large mammals” occur in Arkansas. Deer-related car crashes and encounters with black bears and cougars could all prove fatal – but the most likely culprit is the black bear. 


Rattlesnakes are the most common of all snakes in California. Although over 200 people are bitten annually, many bites are not fatal because antivenom is readily available. Three of the common species in California are Sidewinder, Mojave, and Western Diamondback rattlesnakes.


There‚Äôs very little data regarding people being killed by animals in Colorado. It’s hard to understand why since there are many dangerous creatures that live in the state. Cougar attacks aren’t common, but they’re the hardest to survive. Fortunately, only two incidents of cougar attacks have occurred in the last hundred years.