Toronto police have recently asked for the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect in the 2017 murders of a Candian billionaire and his wife. The high-profile couple, Barry Sherman, 75, and Honey Sherman, 70, was found strangled in December 2017 in their Toronto home. Police released a clip of an individual walking close to the Shermans’ home on the night of the murders. This is the only person who was captured on video, who the police haven’t been able to identify yet.

Recently, Sgt Brandon Price, the lead detective in the investigation, said the individual entered a “well-defined area, tight around the Sherman property” on December 13, 2017 – the night that police believe the two murders took place. 

When Sgt Price was asked why this individual was declared a suspect rather than a person of interest, he said, “We have this individual coming into a very defined area… and remaining in that area for a period and then leaving.” He added that police found the said individual’s actions to be “very suspicious.” 

Police have now asked anyone who recognizes the person on the footage to come forward. While the suspect’s gender is unconfirmed, they’re estimated to be between 5ft 6in and 5ft 9in tall. The individual also has a distinctive gait. Unfortunately, not much else is known about the suspect. 

Barry Sherman was one of the richest men in Canada. He was the founder of Apotex, a Canadian pharmaceutical corporation. He and his wife were extremely popular philanthropists who donated millions to universities, hospitals, and Jewish organizations. On December 15, the couple was found dead in their Toronto home. Both were fully clothed, and police say no signs of a break-in were evident. 

Autopsies later revealed that both passed away from ligature neck compression. About six weeks after the murder, police revealed that Sherman and his wife were victims of a double homicide and that both were targeted.