Have you ever stared at someone’s appearance and wondered, is this person real? We’ve all heard of people who were born with some unique physical attributes. Some are famous; others aren’t so well-known. We’re going to be looking at a fascinating list of some extraordinary people you’ve never come across before. 

Biggest boobage

Annie Hawkins-Turner, also known by the stage name Norma Stitz, has the world’s most enormous breasts. They measure 48V and are entirely natural. She claims that her abnormally large breasts are not a blessing because she is often ridiculed by strangers for her appearance.

Eyes that pop

Kim Goodman possesses a rare ability. She noticed her unique talent after a hockey game incident. During the game, Goodman suffered a head injury. This led to the discovery that she could make her eyes pop out of her socket by simply yawning. Can you imagine that?

Longest lashes

Valery Smagliy’s eyelashes flutter and create a breeze. The Ukrainian —whose eyelashes measure a record three inches—believes they are the longest in the world and credits them to a secret diet. If he divulged the secret to his long lashes, he could make a fortune.

Eyeball tattoo

This terrifying man has tattooed his right eyeball. It gets worse. Jason Barnum is currently serving a 22-year sentence for burglary and shooting at a police officer. His heavily tattooed face and body make him frightening to look at. Inmates describe him as “scary-looking.”

Human magneto

Muhibija Buljubasic is a man with powerful magnetism. He possesses a magnetic force so strong that metal objects stick to him. This Bosnian man can also make plastic gadgets, such as mobile phones, stick to his body. May the force be with him always.

Hairiest man

Known as Monkey Man, Yu Zhenhuan is the furriest man in the world. He’s covered from head to toe in thick body hair. Zhenhuan made a living out of his bizarre look by starring in Little Hairy Boy’s Treasure Adventure. He now has his sights set on surgery.

Vampire woman

Maria Jose Cristerna is a Mexican lawyer specializing in helping women who have been victims of domestic violence. She looks a little scary at first glance because the lawyer resembles a real vampire. Maria has some very impressive tattoos, metal horns implanted in her head, and permanent fangs.

Tiniest waist

Not everyone would want to wear a corset at all times, but you can break records by reducing your waist size if you do. Case in point: Michele Koebke-Hopes went to some extremes to achieve the most petite waist in the world. Her 25-inch waist has shrunk to 21 inches. With a corset on, Michele’s waist measures 16 inches.